2018 Junior Program/Days

Junior Days –Wednesdays

July 4th-August 15th

  • Registration @ 11:00 am
  • Shotgun Start @ Noon
  • Prizes and Lunch @ 2:30pm
  • Pick up @ 3:00pm
  • Green Fees/Prizes/Meal/Lessons

$10 per Junior per day

Weekly Skill prizes given away along with random door prizes just for participating.
Hot dog and fries for lunch with drinks.
Every month will have one day of half hour instruction hosted by Jeff Graham.

Be sure to enroll your child in Junior golf lessons this season at RGF. Do it at the showcase and receive $25 off entry fee.
Talk to Jeff Graham

Junior Golf Lessons

Monday- Wednesday

  • May 21-23
  • June 11-13
  • July 9-11

3 days of 1 hour lessons
$125 entry ($100 Show special)

Day 1: Getting started; introduction to Golf, grip stance posture with each
club putting, and games.
Day 2: brief recap of day 1 move on to chipping and pitching, bunker play,
long putts, games.
Day 3: brief recap of day 2, driving range, Golf 3 holes and Pizza Party to celebrate to week.

Interested in sponsoring Junior days?

Please contact Jeff Graham for sponsorship opportunities.

* Our goal is to make the game of golf affordable and enjoyable for the community, while operating in a friendly and courteous manner.
* We strive to continually deliver the best customer service possible while operating in a safe, ethical, and environmentally sound manner.