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Team Catering

Rolling Green Fairways – and Catering…By Rolling Green … is excited to announce a new service to all our visitors to the City … all the teams that roll through the City with their friends and family, to spend their days at the nearest rink, ball park, soccer, football or lacrosse field, skating rink, swimming pool, dance hall, etc…. We recognize your need for something different … Tired of the bus, the same old pizza, from one town to the next?

Let us cater for your team … AT THE RINK… AT YOUR HOTEL HOSPITALITY SUITE… AT THE FIELD, GYM OR DIRECT TO YOUR BUS … hearty, healthy and wholesome … we put a spin on “food on the road.” With many years of experience in the food and service industry, as well as a solid reputation within the community, we are truly proud to prepare our meals with only the best and freshest of ingredients. All items are made from scratch … nothing is processed, frozen or boxed, and we are proud to deliver to you the kind of quality you need to refuel your athletes.

With several options available, we are also happy to customize … JUST ASK!!!

There are also three different levels of service to choose from …

Self Service … You pick up from Rolling Green Fairways, and take care of setup, display, tear down, and return of dishes, etc., to Rolling Green Fairways … 10% Discount Will Apply to Any Self Service Catering Service.

Partial Service.. We will attend your facility, set up your food line, leave and return to pick up supplies, etc… (Free Delivery within City limits, subject to a fuel surcharge $0.50/km, outside of City limits).

Full Service.. We will attend your facility, set up your food line, monitor/replenish line throughout service, meat carving where required, clear tables/plates, tear down food line and clean up/remove any existing food service refuse and incidentals (Subject to a 10% service fee, plus $0.50/km, outside of City limits).

All service levels include paper plates, paper napkins, disposable cutlery, chafer fuel, chafer pans and all necessary service dishes, condiments, etc…

Check out our new service at the end of the package … “our “TO THE BUS MENU” a pre-set menu … just check off your selections … everyone pays the same price … and we deliver right to your bus so you can hit the road and back home as quickly and efficiently as possible, while refueling your athletes.

Please contact Heather Walker directly to discuss details and to inquire with regard to availability, at 780-872-1660 or email at .

A valid credit card will be required to hold on file, with full payment required at pickup/delivery. Cancellations within 48 hours will be subject to 50% of balance due on requested service. Cancellations within 24 hours will be subject to 100% of balance due on requested service. We are also happy to provide portable debit/credit methods of payment.

Heather Walker, Club Manager